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Energy training in Sarlat-la-CanédaEnergy training Sarlat-la-CanédaEnergy training Sarlat-la-Canéda

Presentation of energy training by Bruno Molinier

Welcome to all seekers of light and energy.

At Salon Inoaa in Sarlat la Canéda, I invite you to explore the enriching training courses that I offer on . You may have already felt mysterious energies or sought to understand the subtle signals of your intuition. My training courses are designed to accompany you on this inner journey.

For 3 full days, I will immerse you in the world of energy, teaching you how to interpret and channel your energetic feelings in a positive way. Beyond this intensive training, I am committed to supporting you and answering all your questions, so that you can integrate these new skills into your spiritual daily life.

In addition, I offer you a unique experience in the heart of the mystical forest of Brocéliande. Every year, I invite you to 2 or 3 day courses, with on-site accommodation in a lodge where the magic sometimes happens. To the sound of the shamanic drum, through various meditations and workshops, I will guide you to meet your inner child, thus reconnecting you to nature, to life, and giving deep meaning to your existence.

As for Munay-Ki, a one-day training course, I transmit these teachings as I received them from my shaman masters. It facilitates healing by raising our personal and collective consciousness, activating spiritual alignment (Soul, Heart, Spirit) to co-create our highest destiny.

Explore these unique opportunities on or contact me at for more information. Join me in these moments of spiritual discovery, where the physical world mixes with the imaginary world, and where the magic of Brocéliande will open the doors to a profound transformation.

Looking forward to accompanying you on your spiritual journey, Bruno

To find out more, you can contact Bruno on 06 25 75 92 34 or visit his website

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