A word from Bruno Molinier, medium and energy specialist

Dear visitors to the Inoaa Show in Sarlat la Canéda,

Every Wednesday, I invite you to join me to discuss your healing journey at Salon Inoaa in Sarlat La Canéda.

Throughout our lives, we face challenges and wounds that can leave deep emotional scars. Whether it is abandonment, burn-out, discomfort, fear, lack of self-love, or other difficulties, I am here to offer you a space to listen and support.

As an energy practitioner, I offer energy healing techniques and energy massages specifically designed to unblock accumulated negative energies. My goal is to guide you towards liberation, so that you can feel free, while learning to love and respect yourself again.

As a medium, I can also offer you advice and clarification. The Marseille Tarot reading is an opportunity to understand the messages from the universe and find avenues towards inner healing.

Do not hesitate to visit my site: www.esprit-guide.fr or come meet me every Wednesday at Salon Inoaa to discuss how I can support you in your healing journey. Together, we can work to restore balance to your life and turn every challenge into an opportunity for personal growth.

Hope to meet you,


www.esprit-guide.fr or www.inoaa.fr

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