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Organic chlorella

Organic chlorella

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Its benefits on your health

Strengthens vitality

Participates in the normal functioning of metabolism

Helps with the development of growth and cognitive functions

Rich in iron and vitamin B12 (Riboflavin)

Protects the body from oxidative stress

Promotes normal functioning of the immune system

Contains antioxidant elements

Relieves pain related to fibromyalgia

Helps regulate blood pressure

Has detoxifying effects

Helps reduce ulcerations linked to ulcerative colitis

Organic chlorella, grown in lakes devoid of any form of pollution.

Its producers cultivate it naturally, and not in a greenhouse, and carry out checks and analyzes during each production in order to certify chlorella that is pure, natural, free of heavy metals and of the best possible quality.



Organic chlorella powder* (Chlorella Vulgaris).

* Ingredient from organic farming.


Net weight



180 tablets

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Soin lavant doux pour le corps


Chlorella or chlorella is a unicellular green algae known for its exceptional chlorophyll content.

Its composition makes it one of the most popular food supplements and its nutritional benefits are considerable.

This superfood contains vitamin C, high amounts of protein, as well as fat, iron and calcium. But this food also contains large quantities of other vitamins, minerals and essential trace elements.

Added to this are antioxidants and natural pigments, also with antioxidant properties.

Origin and method of manufacture

It is important to select a natural chlorella. This must then come from fresh water sources free of pollution and far from any human activity.

By respecting very strict specifications, Natura Force chlorella therefore benefits from Ecocert certification. This is European organic certification.

The greatest care is given to this product, from its cultivation to the processing methods used. This is how we work to offer you the highest quality and effective product possible.

Therefore, few chlorellas on the market are officially recognized as “organic”. This is the case for our product which is manufactured, analyzed and packaged in France, in a French laboratory certified ISO 22000.

On the other hand, our chlorella does not contain pesticides or other chemicals. Being cultivated far from any human pollution, it has not suffered from contamination with heavy metals or other harmful products.

It is therefore 100% natural, healthy and safe.


In order to benefit from the benefits of chlorella, you must take six tablets per day accompanied by a large glass of water.

Each tablet contains 500 mg of chlorella. Each pill box contains 180 tablets, which therefore allows for a complete treatment lasting one month.

Contraindications and adverse effects


Short-term supplementation and within recommended daily doses is safe.

Chlorella consumption is not suitable for people who are allergic to it.

The same applies to people allergic to one of the components of this food, as well as to the oocyst family.

There is also a contraindication to the consumption of chlorella which concerns children. It extends to people sensitive to mold. Precautions are necessary for people undergoing antihypertensive, anticancer or immune system modulating treatment.


Consumption of chlorella can cause some undesirable effects.

These most often involve fatigue, asthma, dermatological problems as well as hypersensitivity to light.

In this case, a reduction in daily doses is necessary initially. It is then necessary to consider stopping the treatment completely if the dose reduction is not sufficient.