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Organic maca

Organic maca

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Its benefits on your health

Source of energy, promotes physical performance

Helps stimulate intellectual activity

Improves libido and sexual desire

Stimulates sexual activity and promotes fertility

Improves recovery

Optimizes endurance, vitality and mental well-being.


Maca tuber powder* (Lepidium meyenii), capsule of plant origin: hypromellose, saffron extract* (Crocus sativus L.), rice starch*.

*ingredients from organic farming.


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90 capsules

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Soin lavant doux pour le corps

What is Maca?

Peruvian maca, or Maca Lepidium Meyenii, is a tuberculous plant found on the South American continent. It grows mainly on the high plateaus, at more than 4,000 meters above sea level.

Peruvian maca is one of the few tubers to withstand extreme temperatures and high altitudes equally well.

Local populations have been using the revitalizing and strengthening properties of maca for thousands of years by consuming its root.

Throughout the world, it owes its reputation to its aphrodisiac properties, but maca is a much richer and more interesting plant.

Indeed, it is full of health benefits: children, pregnant or breastfeeding women and athletes can consume it for its extraordinary nutritional benefits.

Origin and method of manufacture

Peruvian maca comes from Bolivia and Peru, mainly. It grows in the mountainous regions of the Andes mountain range.

The maca selected for the design of this supplement is 100% of Peruvian origin, from the Junin region, known for producing the best maca in the world, respecting centuries-old traditions.

The selected maca is also certified organic. It is grown in Peru naturally, in conditions that respect the plant, nature and the consumer, without artificial fertilizers or pesticides.

For the manufacture of this food supplement, the extract is made with water, without chemical solvents. The product also does not contain any excipients.

Finally, for an additional guarantee of quality, the product is also analyzed, manufactured and packaged in France by a laboratory meeting GMP standards and certified AB by Bureau Veritas.


Maca from Peru as a food supplement is easy to consume on a daily basis. Simply swallow three capsules per day, with a glass of water, and preferably during meals.

This supplement is often recommended in cases of fatigue, stress or as winter approaches. It is also recommended in case of iron deficiency. There are also other more specific indications for the consumption of Peruvian maca: reduced libido and pain linked to menopause or menstruation.

In Peru, local populations have always carried out cures lasting three months.

Several weeks of treatment are then necessary to feel the benefits and these increase tenfold after two months of taking.

We generally renew the treatment once or twice a year.

Contraindications and adverse effects


No contraindication to its consumption. However, caution is advised for people with metabolic syndrome, who should not consume more than 6000 mg per day. Not recommended in cases of hormone-dependent cancer or specific pathologies: ask your doctor for advice.


No side effects at normal doses. Respect the dosage for safe consumption of Peruvian maca.