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Its benefits on your health

Improves intellectual performance and brain reactivity

Restores strength and energy

Promotes better emotional balance

Anti-stress, stimulating and adaptogenic

Improves sports performance and endurance

Optimizes cognitive abilities

Contributes to good blood circulation


Magnesium citrate; capsule of plant origin; choline bitartrate; sprouted buckwheat seed powder (Fagopyrum esculentum); vitamin C ; extract of aerial part of holy basil (Ocimum sanctum – support: maltodextrin); green tea leaf extract (Camellia sinensis); anti-caking agent: magnesium salts of fatty acids; acerola fruit extract (Malpighia punicifolia – support: maltodextrin); baobab fruit pulp powder (Adansonia digitata); blueberry extract
(Vaccinium myrtillus – support: maltodextrin); Vitamin E ; zinc citrate; vitamin K2;
yeast enriched with selenium; niacin; vitamin B12; vitamin D ; vitamin B6; vitamin
B1; biotin


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120 capsules

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Soin lavant doux pour le corps

What is rhodiola?

Rhodiola rosea, or rhodiola, is a plant native to northern Europe. It comes to us more particularly from Siberia and Scandinavia.

According to Nordic legends and myths, it is to her that the Viking peoples owed their legendary strength, but also their unfailing endurance and vitality.

Mainly composed of flavonoids, rosavins, salidrosides and amino acids, it is full of active ingredients. They have powerful virtues on the body.

Today, rhodiola is mainly used for its properties on stress, fatigue and cognitive functions.

It also helps strengthen the effectiveness of the immune system and our natural defenses, in addition to fighting against certain mood and anxiety disorders.

The plant gives us strength, energy and vitality. It also acts on libido and vigor, which makes it a particularly versatile plant.

It is an adaptogenic plant. This makes it a plant easily combined with Korean ginseng as well as guarana, two other very effective food supplements.

Origin and method of manufacture

Natura Force uses plants from northern Europe to manufacture its food supplements. We are committed to selecting them where they evolve naturally, in the best possible conditions, in Siberia as well as in Scandinavia.

By using quality plants, we ensure we offer extracts with high titers of salidrosides as well as rosavins.

The plants are collected while their roots are maturing, when they are richest in active ingredients. Cold-dried then reduced to powder and extracts, the roots are packaged in capsules of plant origin.

It is a French laboratory which analyzes, manufactures and packages our rhodiola capsules, like the rest of our food supplements. It is an ISO 22000 laboratory with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. This also carries out very regular checks on the quality of our products.


In order to make the most of the properties of rhodiola, it is recommended to consume an average of three capsules (two to four capsules maximum) per day.

Swallow them with a glass of water. Ideally, rhodiola extracts should be taken in the morning and at midday, around thirty minutes before meals.

Indeed, in the evening, they can disrupt the quality of sleep.

The cures generally last between ten and twenty days, with a two-week break between them.

Contraindication and adverse effects


Propolis is not suitable for people allergic to bee products or any of them. The same goes for people allergic to bee stings, who may have a particular sensitivity to bee products.

Consumption of propolis should also be consistent with the indications for this product. If in doubt, seek advice from a healthcare professional.


Overly prolonged consumption of propolis can promote allergies. However, it does not present a toxicity threshold.

In order to avoid any inconvenience, the propolis treatment time must be limited to three or four weeks maximum.

Observe a break of at least two weeks between two treatments. Consumption of propolis can also cause minor and temporary gastrointestinal problems.

Other symptoms may also appear in the event of an allergy such as mild kidney or respiratory failure, asthma or hives.