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Calendula & Red Clay Solid Shampoo

Calendula & Red Clay Solid Shampoo

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The gentle shampoo for the whole family

The solid shampoo is handcrafted using the cold saponification method. It is gentle and respectful of your environment.

It does not contain any synthetic surfactant, sulfate or essential oil.

Shampoo based on calendula infusion known to soothe sensitive scalp.

Cold saponified artisanal solid shampoo.
Gentle shampoo for normal, dry or sensitive hair, without essential oil.


Composition : Coconut butter*, olive oil*, calendula infusion*, shea butter*, castor oil*, avocado oil*, glycerin from saponification, red clay.

Ingredients : Cocos nucifera oil* - olea europaea fruit oil* - calendula officinalis flower water* - butyrospermum parkii butter* - sodium hydroxide - ricinus communis seed oil* - persea gratissima oil* - illite.

* Ingredient from organic farming.


Solid shampoo with a minimum weight of 60g

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Usage tips

- Wet hair.

- Rub the solid shampoo directly on the hair or in the hands.

- Lather.

- Distribute the mousse over the entire length of the hair.

- Rinse hair and run your fingers through hair to detangle.

- For mid-length to long hair and if your water is hard, it is advisable to do a final rinse with vinegar water (in a bottle, dilute around 3% cider vinegar then complete the volume with water ).

- Dry your solid shampoo thoroughly between uses.

Adaptation time

It is sometimes necessary for the hair to go through a period of adaptation because very often the hair is coated with silicone.

The Ela Bulle soap factory has chosen not to use synthetic surfactants such as SCI, SLMI, etc. This is why when changing the type of shampoo, the hair needs time to adapt.

At first, the hair may seem heavy, an impression of “hair with a straw effect”. It is recommended to do a final rinse with vinegar water to facilitate detangling and rebalance the pH of the hair.

Depending on your hair type, you can make additional masks.

Precautions for use

If splashed in the eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Do not swallow.