INCI “Not great” in all categories.
  • Other language : Clorfenesina
  • EINECS/ELINCS number: 203-192-6
  • Classification: Regulated , Conservative
Chlorphenesin is an anti-microbial agent that prevents bacteria from growing in cosmetic products. It could cause irritation, but this seems to be quite rare and mild in the regulated concentrations of 0.3%. However, as this powerful chemical biocide is very environmentally unfriendly to manufacture, we classify the ingredient as orange on INCI Beauty.
Restriction in Europe: V/50
The maximum concentration permitted in ready-to-use cosmetic preparations is 0.3%.
Its functions (INCI)
  • Antimicrobial: Helps slow the growth of micro-organisms on the skin and prevents the development of microbes
  • Conservative : Inhibits the development of microorganisms in cosmetic products.
This ingredient is present in 3.71% of cosmetics.
Mask/patch (17.01%)
Fabric mask (15.18%)
Anti-aging eye cream (14.76%)
Anti-aging day mask (13.87%)
Concealer (13.61%)
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