Treatment card - Well-being area

Our Well-being Space welcomes you by appointment from Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


One session - adult (1h to 1h15): €50

One session - student rate (1h to 1h15): €40

One session - child under 12 years old (30 to 40 minutes): €30

Personalized follow-up package (5 sessions over 3 months maximum): €220

Sports monitoring package: personalized quote established on request depending on the requested pace and the desired objective

About reflexology

Reflexology is a method applicable to everyone which allows you to keep, find, or regain your energy and vitality.

A perfect complement to conventional medicine, without ever replacing it, it supports treatment and helps recovery.

Reflexology is a method of acupressure or acupressure applied to specific reflex points or zones of the skin, corresponding to the organs of the body. It relieves tension, promotes deep relaxation and well-being and is often used to reduce stress and anxiety and promote resilience.

This non-invasive and gentle manual practice consists of restoring the state of balance of the body's systems in hyperactivity or hypoactivity.


Body care

Exfoliation (30 mins): €35

Discovery treatment (60 mins): scrub + massage: €65

Relaxing massage (30 mins): €35

Relaxing duo massage (30 mins): €70

Relaxing massage (60 mins): €60

Relaxing duo massage (60 mins): €120

5 Terres massage (2h): €115

5 Terres massage as a duo (2 hours): €230

About modeling

The personalized well-being massage treats the part of the body of your choice, or the body as a whole, for 30 to 60 minutes for deep and beneficial relaxation.

Massage Minceur Turbinada®

1 zone ciblée (30mn) : 50€

2 zones ciblées (60mn) : 95€

Corps entier (1h15) : 120€

Cure 5 séances - 1 zone ciblée (30mn) : 220€

Cure 5 séances - Corps entier (1h15) : 550€

Cure 10 séances - 1 zone ciblée (30mn) : 450€

Cure 10 séances - Corps entier (1h15) : 990€

A propos du Massage Turbinada®

Le Massage Turbinada® est une expérience inoubliable, tant par son intensité que par ses bienfaits.

Energique et dynamisant, profond et relaxant, ce massage combine tous les effets d'un massage minceur : anti cellulite, anti rétention d'eau, drainant, lissant, raffermissant, circulatoire.

Son rythme et son efficacité ajoutent à ses bienfaits un effet relaxant unique.

Idéal pour remodeler le corps féminin, il est également parfait pour les sportifs ou pour toutes les personnes appréciant les massages profonds et intenses.


Self-enhancement through image

A private session (1 hour): €185

Unique moment proposed by La Palette de Gwenn'

About phototherapy

Following an illness or a personal event, you need to regain confidence in yourself and in your perception of your own body.

Towards self-esteem through image, gently and with kindness…

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Energy care and mediumship

Energy treatment (1h15): €50

Mediumship - One question: €15

Mediumship - Short consultation (around 30 minutes): €30

Mediumship - Standard consultation (1 hour and more): €50

About energy healing

To help the body regain its normal functioning, alongside the treatments recommended by your doctor, energy treatments can help you: both to resolve current blockages, but also to prevent their return...

To do this, the practitioner will work simultaneously on the areas of energy blockage and on your mind: putting your energies back into motion is necessary, but it is essential that you become aware of the cause which led to the present situation.

You will then be able to recognize the first signs impacting the circulation of energies and deal with them before the blockages have time to set in.

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About mediumship

By Bruno Molinier:

“As a birth medium, I have dedicated my life to helping others find answers, discover their path, and find inner peace.

Over the years, I have developed an exceptional intuitive connection that allows me to access information and images through the vibration of the voice. Each consultation is a unique experience, with no time constraints, designed to address your questions, concerns and needs.

To begin our journey together, we will discuss your needs and choose the best working approach for you. Whether by telephone, video or in-person session, I am here to guide you towards clarity and understanding.

To facilitate our sessions and access information that you might be hesitant to express verbally, I use cards as a visual aid. These cards allow me to capture additional images and information, enriching our connection and understanding.

In my guidance space, every question and every concern is welcomed with kindness. There is no “stupid” question and no concern is too small. I create an environment where you feel free to explore your deepest thoughts in complete discretion and comfort."

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