Focus on Dimethicone

INCI ranking: “Not great” in all categories.
  • Origin(s): Synthetic
  • Other languages ​​: Dimethicon, Dimeticona, Dimeticone
  • EINECS/ELINCS number: - / - / - /
  • Comedogenic potential (pc): 1
  • Food additive : E900
  • Classification: Silicone
Dimethicone, also called PDMS, is a silicone which is not subject to any European restrictions. It is also the silicone most used in cosmetic products. Its role is to produce a surface film around the hair and on the skin, to then protect them (occlusive effect, with what that may imply). It also adds softness to products and makes the use of creams and shampoos pleasant. It's a bit like "the chemist's Swiss army knife": we use it in a variety of ways, to make products brighter, more pleasant and therefore more marketable, or to compensate for the drying effect of certain ingredients. like surfactants.

This inert component poses no problem for human health, we can just wonder if its effect is not only marketing and artificial. It is on the ecological aspect that the ingredient can have a very negative impact since it is very poorly biodegradable.
Its functions (INCI)
  • Anti-foaming: Removes foam during manufacturing / reduces foaming in finished liquid products
  • Emollient: Softens and softens the skin
  • Skin care agent: Maintains skin in good condition
  • Skin protection agent: Helps avoid the harmful effects of external factors on the skin
This ingredient is present in 17.33% of cosmetics.
Cc cream (66.46%)
Foundation (63.53%)
Makeup palette and box (62.98%)
Anti-aging box (62.73%)
Anti-aging/anti-stain hand cream (57.81%)
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