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Organic milk thistle

Organic milk thistle

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Its benefits on your health

Helps fight digestive disorders

Improves liver function

Acts on blood sugar levels by maintaining sugar balance

Promotes better digestion

Helps with detoxification of the body

Contributes to a good cardiovascular system

Perfect for increasing blood pressure in case of hypotension

Contributes to well-being by fighting depression



Milk thistle extract*, desmodium extract*, plant-based envelope: hypromellose, dandelion root*, milk thistle seed*, coconut flour*.

* Ingredients from organic farming.


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90 capsules

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Soin lavant doux pour le corps


Milk thistle is a plant from the Asteraceae family. It has been known and used for many years, since Ancient Greece already used it to relieve and treat digestive and biliary disorders.

This plant is composed in particular of lipids, flavonoids and flavonolignans such as sylimarin.

Milk Thistle also contains phenolic derivatives, mucilages, tocopherols as well as sterols.

It is thanks to all these components that this plant is so effective for the treatment of digestive problems, and for the protection and purification of the liver and the body.

Origin and method of manufacture

Milk thistle, scientifically named Sylibium marianum, is a medicinal plant found particularly in North America, as well as in the Mediterranean Basin.

To treat various digestive disorders and protect the liver, the fruits or seeds of the plant are harvested. They are then left to dry, then found in powder form, in capsules, tablets or even in the form of herbal tea.


To relieve digestive disorders, protect the liver, or even purify the body, we recommend that you take 1 capsule three times a day before meals.

Generally, for optimal effectiveness of the treatment, it must be carried out over 21 days.

If you want to continue, take a break for at least a week before starting again.

In any case, seek the advice of your doctor before taking Milk Thistle.

Contraindications and adverse effects

Do not take Milk Thistle:

If you have high blood pressure

In case of allergies to Asteraceae

If you suffer from gallstones

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding

If you have liver disease

Milk Thistle can also interact with certain medications, and reduce their beneficial effects on your health problems.

Do not take this herb if you are on a sedative antiallergic such as primalan, theralene for example, or if you are on metronidazole an anti-infective agent.

It is also recommended not to combine Milk Thistle with antipsychotic medications.

Side and/or undesirable effects

Concerning side effects, you may possibly see mild digestive problems, in particular temporary diarrhea.

In allergic people, symptoms such as swelling or itching may appear.