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Gua Sha Box

Gua Sha Box

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Its anti-aging virtues

The virtues of Gua Sha massage are multiple and can have a direct effect on the aging of the skin on your face by:

- significantly increasing blood circulation in the skin

- stimulating cellular growth of facial skin

- relieving muscle tension

The combination of gua sha massage combined with the use of a facial roller stimulates the facial muscles, also helping to relieve muscle pain and tension.

This allows increased blood circulation and cellular regeneration of the facial skin, which is crucial for the production of collagen and therefore, the elasticity of the skin.


The continent box:

- a gua sha massage stone made of jade stone

- a jade stone roller composed of a narrow side and a wider side, intended for different areas of the face

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Usage tips

Use the small roller for the eye and nose areas and the large roller for the cheeks, forehead, jawline and neck.

Find out how to perform your Gua Sha massage in stages: the Gua Sha massage