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Ecological laundry detergent

Ecological laundry detergent

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Just the right amount of clean

Truly clean, convenient laundry for the whole family that is customizable with every wash.

- Hypoallergenic formula, tested under dermatological control
- Suitable for baby skin and sensitive skin

- Without any preservatives, without perfume, without petrochemical derivatives, without SLS, without allergens

- Without aggressive agent for fibers

- Suitable for all textiles, even the most delicate
- Suitable for washable diapers - Leaves laundry soft, no need for fabric softener
- Effective from 30°

- Made in France
- Highly biodegradable
- Does not impact aquatic life
- No petrochemical derivatives, no dyes, no optical brighteners, no palm
- Vegan
- 100% recyclable bottle

With 99.3% natural ingredients and without any harmful superfluities (no petrochemicals, no preservatives, no perfume, no coloring), our vegetable detergent is suitable for all skin (even babies) and all textiles (even delicate ones). ).

Its anti-waste pump helps you consume better and less by delivering the right dose of cleanliness. (1 pressure per kg of laundry. 5kg machine = 5 pressures).


>5% nonionic soap surfactant, anionic, amphoteric, and cationic surfactants. Water, sequestrant, viscosity agent, solvent, pH corrector and solvent denaturants.

🌾🌽Non-ionic surfactants - plant-based: washing agents from wheat and corn which remove dirt and act on grease

🥥Soap - vegetable: cleansing agent from coconut which activates cleaning and creates lather

🥥Anionic surfactants - plant-based: Cleaning agents from coconut which disperse dust, earth and other non-greasy dirt...

🥥Amphoteric - plant-based surfactant : washing agent from coconut with softening properties for laundry

🌬Cationic surfactant - plant-based: washing agents which disperse dirt and ensure the protection of the formula

🍃Trisodium citrate - natural vegetable/mineral: extract from beets and sugar cane which softens laundry by neutralizing limescale present in washing water

🧂Camargue salt - natural mineral: natural thickener

🧪Denatured ethyl alcohol - vegetable: beet alcohol and green synthetic solvent which boosts the effectiveness of cleaning and helps avoid preservatives

✨Soda - natural mineral: corrects the pH, avoids the development of microorganisms by making the environment unfavorable, replaces preservatives

💧Purified water - natural mineral: plays the role of solvent in the formula

✨Sodium carbonate - natural mineral: stabilizes and further strengthens the pH of the laundry


1L pump bottle

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Usage tips


Operate the pump by placing one palm on the pump and moving in the direction of the arrow indicating OPEN.

Thanks to our anti-waste pump, now put the right dose of clean into the tank of your washing machine.

It's simple: 1 pressure per KG of laundry is enough! If your washing machine indicates a total capacity of 5KG then press 5 times.

No more overdosing and waste! On very dirty laundry (sports clothes, gardening clothes, DIY clothes, etc.) it's up to you to judge the quantity to add (between 2 to 4 additional pressures).

Pre-stain your clothes: on a fresh stain, put a few drops of detergent directly on the stain, leave to act and wash.

On dry stains, use a stain remover adapted to your needs.

The PLOUF magic: no need for fabric softener with our vegetable detergent, the laundry is soft and supple.