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Textile perfume - Dose of Softness

Textile perfume - Dose of Softness

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Your dose of Sweetness

His notes of:

  • jasmine soothes your body and mind
  • orange blossom infuses comfort
  • sweet almond wraps you in a reassuring cocoon
  • iris bring this light, airy and enveloping powdery side

Ideal for our babies and children's laundry because it is non-invasive for their young sense of smell and very second skin.

Perfume your washes by adding a pipette of perfume to the softener tank of your machine!
Our Dose of Sweetness is a clever balance between ethically sourced natural ingredients, upcycled ingredients and green chemistry for the greatest respect for our health and nature.


75% ingredients of natural origin - fragrance concentration: 100%

Biodegradability of the formula: 99.35%

Formulation WITHOUT: Perfume fixatives - Water - alcohol - dyes - ethanol - UV filters - phosphate- sulfate - phthalates - CMR - SLES - SLS - without EDTA - without mineral oil - without petrochemicals

Allergens: none

- product for non-cosmetic use

Hazard statements: none

Signal words: none


Glass bottle with 20ml or 50ml dosing pipette

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Usage tips

Add 1 pipette of perfume to the softener compartment of your washing machine

Precautions for use

Keep out of reach of children. Dispose of in accordance with local regulations.