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Refill - Bamboo toothbrush head

Refill - Bamboo toothbrush head

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A smart, ergonomic and ecological refill for your toothbrush.
Made from FSC responsible Moso bamboo without treatment, it is durable and compostable.

Usage tips

How to insert or remove the refill?

To remove the head, simply twist it gently while pulling it upwards.
To install the new head, simply push it in while rotating it.
Then, turn it until you find the best position to lock it. Never force it, otherwise you risk breaking your head. Spin the refill gently using very gentle pressure.

Technical details

Ergonomic, its rounded section allows toothbrushing compatible with the protection of your gums. Hair fixation without chemical glue.
95% recyclable and compostable Available in soft or medium version. Easy to use, it is compatible with recycled plastic handles.
Nylon 610 bristles without bisphenol.

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