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Organic dry shampoo

Organic dry shampoo

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A boost for busy mornings

Absorbing in seconds, this dry shampoo refreshes your hair in no time.

Formulated from purifying, absorbent powders and lemon essential oil, this 100% natural powder is ideal for spacing out shampoos, giving a boost of freshness between two washes or to take with you when there is no water nearby (camping)!


Ingredients: Zea mays starch*, White clay, Emblica offinalis fruit powder*, Urtica dioic*, Citrus Limon Peel Oil*. **Limonene,Linalool,neral + geranial, geraniolIngredients: Cornstarch*, white clay, amla powder*, nettle powder*, lemon essential oil*100% of the ingredients are of natural origin85% of the ingredients are from organic farming *



Cardboard powder compact 60ml

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Focus on composition

Cornstarch: Mattifying and absorbent. Improves the adhesion of powders to the skin.

White clay: Absorbent, purifying, cleansing and restorative.

Nettle Powder: rich in silica, mineral salts and trace elements, it is remineralizing, purifying and natural hair strengthening. Helps fight hair loss. Regulates sebum for oily hair and soothes dandruff

Amla powder: small fruit reduced to powder, powerful regenerating agent, it stimulates the roots, promotes hair growth and slows hair loss. . Rich in antioxidants, it fights against premature white hair.

Lemon essential oil: Essential oil with a fruity odor used for its strengthening, purifying and cleansing properties but also for its fragrant properties.

Usage tips

For an even more effective result, apply the powder in the evening before going to bed (the powder does not dirty the sheets!).

The natural movements of the head during the night acting as a massage, the hair when it wakes up is impeccable, clean and voluminous!


*Organic cosmetics certified COSMOS by Ecocert Greenlife.

Vegan product.